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November 16, 2022
Briefings on HIPAA

Julia Huddleston, CIPP/US, CIPM, CCSFP, answers submitted questions on a variety of HIPAA topics.

November 9, 2022
Briefings on HIPAA

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued guidance on audio-only telehealth in June. This guidance provides helpful tips on how covered entities (CE) can use remote communication technologies to provide audio-only telehealth services in a manner consistent with HIPAA requirements.

November 2, 2022
Briefings on HIPAA

Now that the fourth quarter has arrived, things are winding down for 2022. This is a good time to reflect on the past year of HIPAA compliance and prepare for 2023. Here is a roundup of HIPAA topics and some actionable tips for compliance.

October 26, 2022
Briefings on HIPAA

In early June, Congress released a bipartisan draft bill called the American Data Privacy and Protection Act. The goal of this bill is to create a regulation that organizations in any industry would need to accord with compliance. On the surface, this sounds great, but in reality, it is unrealistic.

October 19, 2022
Briefings on HIPAA

In August, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced a settlement with New England Dermatology P.C., known as New England Dermatology and Laser Center, over the improper disposal of PHI, which is a potential HIPAA Privacy Rule violation.

October 12, 2022
Briefings on HIPAA

Starting on October 6, the definition of electronic health information (EHI) will include “the entire scope of the EHI definition [i.e., ePHI that is or would be in a Designated Record Set (DRS)].”