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May 11, 2022
Case Management Monthly

Tiffany Ferguson, LMSW, ACM, and Marie Stinebuck, MBA, MSN, ACM, CEO and COO at Phoenix Medical Management Inc., discuss why the best strategy to prevent denials related to medical necessity is a proactive approach that focuses on front-end processes.

March 16, 2022
Case Management Monthly

The Important Message from Medicare (IM) Form-CMS-10065 is a document designed to inform hospitalized patients receiving inpatient services of their discharge appeal rights.

November 1, 2021
Case Management Monthly

Interventions to reduce length of stay for high-risk, medically complex, and otherwise vulnerable patients are falling short, according to a technical brief prepared for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

September 8, 2021
HIM Briefings

UnitedHealthcare recently transitioned its utilization management approach for all of its health plans from Milliman Care Guidelines to InterQual criteria. Learn how this change could have far-reaching impact on hospitals.

September 1, 2021
Case Management Monthly

As the country sees a resurgence of COVID-19 thanks to the delta variant, hospitals are seeing an increase not only in their immediate census numbers, but also in the number of readmissions.

July 1, 2021
Case Management Monthly

A policy that UnitedHealthcare was poised to roll out that would have allowed it to retroactively deny ED claims isn’t moving forward yet. But that doesn’t mean case managers shouldn’t prepare for the payer, or others, to implement such policies.