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January 15, 2021
Medicare Web

Q: What is an ectopic pregnancy and how would we report this condition in ICD-10-CM?

January 14, 2021
Medicare Web

Q: What type of activity must be audited to comply with the HIPAA requirement to audit electronic medical record (EMR) activity? Does this include every action a user takes within a record and the length of time a user spends in a record?

January 13, 2021
Medicare Web

Q: Throughout the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, case managers have faced many challenges when trying to find placements for patients who need to transfer from the hospital to a lower level of care, such as a skilled nursing facility (SNF). As we enter 2021, what challenges will persist and how can case managers work to overcome them?

January 11, 2021
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Q: We're seeing a significant increase in pre-payment audit activity. How can we adapt our audit and denial management processes to cope with this shift?

January 8, 2021
Medicare Web

Q: What are the benefits to having coders review charts for appropriate capture of CCs and MCCs, and how can our coding team get started in this process?

January 7, 2021
Medicare Web

Q: If we end a contract with a business associate (BA), does the BA need to provide us with assurance that all protected health information (PHI) has been destroyed? Is this something that should be written into the initial contract? What are the steps to take if the BA does not respond to requests to confirm deletion of PHI?