November 16, 2020
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Q: What are the benefits to having coders review charts for appropriate capture of complications and comorbidities (CC) and major CCs (MCC)?

November 25, 2020
HIM Briefings

A formal CDI program can address many of the challenges home health agencies face, but knowing how to start one isn’t easy. Consider these tips to create a focused home health CDI program.

November 2, 2020
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Q: How does case-mix index (CMI) impact hospital finances? What should revenue integrity staff look for when conducting CMI analyses?

October 19, 2020
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Q: What topics should routine chart audits focus on?

October 21, 2020
HIM Briefings

Approximately 30% of patients with COVID-19 have acute kidney injury. Apply critical thinking to record reviews to ensure nothing is missed.

October 14, 2020
HIM Briefings

Ischemic strokes are complex and all too frequent. Review clinical criteria and ICD-10-CM reporting regularly for this diagnosis to ensure accurate coding and reimbursement.

September 23, 2020
HIM Briefings

A sound query process is essential to good documentation and correct coding. Find out how your organization’s query practices and CDI productivity compare to others.

September 9, 2020
HIM Briefings

Strong documentation and coding support accurate data and help organizations defend against payer audits. Learn how to manage the return of CMS audits and keep documentation and coding in top shape.

August 1, 2020
Briefings on APCs

In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency, CMS has expanded patient access to telehealth services, allowing beneficiaries to receive a wide range of services without having to visit a healthcare facility.

August 17, 2020
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Q: What documentation elements are required to support a secondary diagnosis of malnutrition? Can the diagnosis be made based on lab results?