Steps for case management career success

July 10, 2018
Medicare Web

Case managers are a valuable component of any healthcare facility’s care team, whether they are in discharge planning or utilization management roles. As healthcare evolves, so too do the roles and expectations for the facility’s staff, making it critical for case managers and other team members to periodically evaluate whether their career goals align with their current work.

A recent career-focused issue of CMSAToday examined case management careers and encouraged case managers to evaluate their goals through a multi-step process. Start by asking questions about your current role, including how it makes you feel and whether you believe you are making a difference.

Next, consider your educational background. If you have the education necessary to excel in your field, then you’re off to a great start. If not, consider whether additional education will bring value to your career path and whether it is necessary for you to succeed at your current facility. If additional training and education are necessary, CMSAToday suggests finding out whether your current employer will provide assistance for you to secure a degree or certification. 

If you’re happy with your current role, think about how you can bring added value to your organization. Joining a committee at your facility or becoming actively involved in a professional association are great ways to further your career, according to CMSAToday.

If you’re unhappy with your current role and its ability to help you meet your professional goals, consider looking elsewhere for employment. Seek out a new role that makes the best use of your skills, says CMSAToday.

Don’t forget to research new areas of interest. There may be other aspects of case management or nursing out there that are a good fit for you. Network with professionals who are currently in roles that interest you and take time to ask questions about their profession, says CMSAToday.

The final step to ensure a successful case management career—whether you wish to remain in your current role or seek out new opportunities—is to have fun and stay alert, says CMSAToday. 

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