Case manager, social worker caught in $160K Medicaid scam

July 11, 2017
Medicare Web

A case manager and social worker from Florida were recently arrested for billing Medicaid for $160,000 in fraudulent charges, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The pilfering pair were engaged to be married.

Authorities charged Anthony Handal, a social worker, and Sandra Mora, a case manager, for billing Medicaid for services they did not perform from September 2015 through March 2017. The two created false documents and submitted them to their employer, MTS Health Services in Orlando, and to Medicaid the Orlando Sentinel reported.

In some instances, Handal and Mora billed for youth therapy sessions at rate of two to three times weekly when they only performed services two to three times monthly. They often billed for sessions during months when families had not requested service. For one child, they billed for more than 900 hours of services when they only performed 100 hours of services, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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