Q&A: Revenue integrity committee meetings

August 6, 2018
Medicare Web

Q. How should revenue integrity committee meetings be structured to be most effective?

A. Because many departments contribute to generating revenue, the revenue integrity committee may be the ideal group to take the lead in revenue integrity initiatives. Responsibilities of this administrative committee include reviewing trends in revenue integrity issues, monitoring revenue integrity program progress, achieving program objectives, and establishing policies to ensure that the services rendered are charged accurately and compliantly, and are reflected appropriately on the patient’s bill.

Topics for discussion in monthly meetings may include:

  • Review of coding and billing guidelines
  • Annual coding changes
  • Chargemaster updates
  • Collaboration on revenue integrity issues
  • Discussion of best practices and ways to optimize revenue cycle processes
  • Maximization of compliant reimbursement
  • Internal charge and chart audits
  • Understanding of government regulations and how to operationalize them to ensure compliance
  • Sharing of insights on trends in the industry and how to stay ahead of the curve

For more information, see The Revenue Integrity Manager's Guidebook.

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