Q&A: Revenue Cycle Plan Leadership

November 15, 2016
Medicare Web

Q. Who should lead a facility’s revenue cycle (RC) plan?

A. It is important to have a facility RC plan to guide the goals and activities of revenue cycle. The chief financial officer (CFO), or CFO designee, leads the RC plan development. As this is a facility plan, a performance improvement team working together on the RC plan provides the best structure to engage key stakeholders and ensure continued buy-in and accountability. Other leaders, such as care management/case management directors, members bof the medical staff, physician advisor(s), and nursing leaders will need to support the staff in their areas and allow time to work on plan development. It should take no longer than 30 days to write the plan and up to 60 days for the approval process through the appropriate committees up to the governing body. Engage the quality department for assistance in the process, as they have the tools, skills, and experience building plans and maneuvering through the approval process.

For more information, see The Revenue Integrity Training Toolkit.

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