Q&A: Reporting 2018 CPT codes for compression dressing

February 9, 2018
Medicare Web

Q: What should we report if you have a compression dressing that was applied to the thigh, in addition to the lower leg, since CPT code 29582 (multi-level compression bandage application, thigh to foot) was deleted for 2018? 

A: Code 29582 was deleted due to low utilization. You would use code 29581 (multi-level compression bandage application; leg, including ankle and foot). The CPT Manual does not provide an instructional note on what to use in lieu of deleted codes 29582 and 29583 (multi-level compression bandage application, upper arm and forearm).

The anatomical sites referenced in the deleted codes were added to the other code descriptors spanning larger areas. Coders can report codes 29581 and/or 29584 (multi-level compression system application; upper arm, forearm, hand, and fingers) in place of the deleted codes.

Editor's note: Shannon E. McCall, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CPC-I, CEMC, CRC, CCDS, answered this question during the HCPro webinar, New Year, New Codes: Master the 2018 CPT Updates. McCall is the director of HIM and coding for HCPro, an H3.Group division of Simplify Compliance LLC, in Middleton, Massachusetts, and oversees all of the Certified Coder Boot Camp programs. McCall works with hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare providers on a wide range of coding-related custom education sessions.

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