Q&A: Questions to Ask During Screening

April 15, 2016
Medicare Web

Q: What are some questions case managers can ask during the screening process?

A: The screening process can also incorporate meeting with the patient and/or caregiver to ask a few questions. Questions that need answers include:

  • Is the patient alert and oriented and likely to remain that way at discharge (cognitive status)?
  • Is the patient independent in functioning and likely to remain that way at discharge (functional status)?
  • What are the patient’s postacute healthcare needs?
  • Do the patient’s needs require a skilled healthcare professional or facility?
  • If the patient has no skilled needs, will he or she be able to manage new or existing healthcare needs independently at discharge?
  • If the patient cannot independently manage his or her healthcare needs post-discharge, is there a willing caregiver? 

For more information about screening and assessments, see the Case Management Patient Communication Toolkit.

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