Q&A: Pre-registration for scheduled patients

April 16, 2018
Medicare Web

Q. How can patient access departments efficiently facilitate pre-registration processes?

A.The most efficient way to facilitate pre-registration is to generate system reports that identify incom­plete pre-registration records for scheduled patients. To do that, run daily reports that identify patients scheduled for services within the next 7–10 days. Assigned staff members use these reports to contact patients. Remember that historical information should always be validated as part of pre-registration, as many patients move, change employers, and change insurance over time. The system should be updated as information is completed so that only incomplete records are included on a daily basis.

If the system does not have that capability, create separate incomplete and complete files, with checklists attached for each scheduled patient. The checklist should include a listing of required information and tasks. Check the items off as they are completed, and move records to the complete file.

To ensure accurate validation of the information, staff must ask the patient to provide key information, including legal name, date of birth, Social Security number, complete address, telephone numbers, and complete insurance information. Asking for this information eliminates the possibility that the patient will simply agree with or fail to correct information read to him or her.

For more information, see The Complete Patient Access Handbook.

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