Q&A: Discharge Planning Questions from Beneficiaries

November 4, 2016
Medicare Web

Q. Medicare beneficiaries sometimes have information about discharge planning from CMS. What questions might they ask as a result of having this information?

A. CMS publishes a reference for patients, titled “Your Discharge Planning Checklist: For patients and their caregivers preparing to leave a hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare setting.” Reviewing this checklist can help discharge planners prepare notes for use when preparing patients and their families for discharge. This CMS list encourages patients to:

  • Ask where they will receive care after discharge, inquire about options, and express their preferences to staff members
  • Ask staff members for information about their health condition and what they can do to improve it
  • Inquire about potential problems and what to do if they arise
  • Ask whom to call if problems arise, and request contact information

For more information, see Discharge Planning Guide: Tools for Compliance, Fourth Edition.

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