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September 6, 2019
Medicare Web

by Karen Giacomo, BA, CPC, CHA, and Suzanne Tschetter, CPA

Want to increase revenue and build relationships between clinical and financial staff? Want to capture missing charges? Attend our session “Safety Net for Revenue Capture” at the 2019 Revenue Integrity Symposium (RIS), October 15–16 in Orlando (click here to view the full agenda), and learn how the Cleveland Clinic and Revint implemented tools and strategies can improve charge capture.

In our session, we will explain the importance of charge reconciliation and charge capture for optimal revenue generation and reimbursement. We will also explain how implementation of root cause analysis leads to process improvement while stressing the importance of interdisciplinary relationships that are crucial to achieving successful outcomes. This topic is frequently mentioned as being of high interest to revenue integrity professionals, so we wanted to share our workflow and tips for success with RIS attendees.

Of us, Karen is the only one to attend RIS previously. She found great value in the content presented, specifically in code updates, the latest regulatory information, process improvement/implementation, and networking with peers. The diversity of topics and tracks you can participate in made RIS appealing to attend in 2019 for its wealth of learning opportunities.

We are looking forward to continued networking with our peers and more in-depth understanding of what revenue integrity encompasses in the industry.

Editor’s note: Giacomo is currently the revenue assurance manager for the Cleveland Clinic and focuses on missed charge opportunities. Tschetter leads the revenue integrity department at the Cleveland Clinic.

Need help getting approval to attend? Click here to download a justification letter proposal that you can use to gain administrative support and approval for attending.

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