2020 CPT code update includes new codes for E/M services, device implantations

September 9, 2019
Medicare Web

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently released the 2020 CPT® code set, adding 248 new codes including many for online E/M services and drug-delivery device implantations, set to go into effect January 1.   

As previously revealed in the 2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule, the 2020 CPT Manual contains three new time-based codes for online E/M services:

  • 99421, online digital E/M service for an established patient, for up to seven days, cumulative time during the seven days; 5-10 minutes
  • 99422, …; 11-20
  • 99423, …; 21 minutes or more

The new codes will replace CPT code 99444 (online E/M service provided by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional who may report E/M services provided to an established patient or guardian, not originating from a related E/M service provided within the previous seven days, using the Internet or similar electronic communications network).

The update also introduced several new codes for the manual preparation and insertion as well as removal of implants designed to deliver drugs to deep musculoskeletal spaces. Six new musculoskeletal add-on codes will be used to report these services:

  • 20700, manual preparation and insertion of drug-delivery device(s); deep
  • 20702, …; intramedullary
  • 20704, …; intra-articular
  • 20701, removal of drug-delivery device(s); deep
  • 20703, …; intramedullary
  • 20705, …; intra-articular

Per the guidelines, each of these add-on codes may be reported once per anatomic location.

In addition to new codes, the AMA’s update deleted 71 and revised 75 codes. The updated codes can be imported into existing claims and billing software using the downloadable CPT 2020 Data File