Medicare Advisory Services

Let us connect your Medicare challenges and questions to an unrivaled network of experts, resources, and solutions.

Medicare rules are constantly evolving. Work with HCPro’s Medicare billing and compliance experts to keep your organization on track, up-to-date, and compliant. An all-encompassing offering, PROPELMedicare centralizes your Medicare resources. Don’t waste time tracking updates, documenting trainings, finding answers, or contemplating what questions your organization should be asking about regulatory compliance.

Designed for many different departments and staff members, PROPELMedicare simplifies your compliance questions and provides consistent messaging to your entire organization. Our recognized experts and dedicated leadership team work with your staff to mitigate your organization’s biggest Medicare challenges.

PROPELMedicare members get customized guidance, tools, and resources to:

  • Reduce the amount of time navigating and interpreting CMS rules
  • Understand and correct denied claims, improve billing and coding accuracy, and help ensure appropriate reimbursement
  • Identify reimbursement opportunities
  • Create best practices for implementing strategy changes across the organization

Benefits include:

  • Custom monthly regulatory update call and monthly update publication.
  • On-call access to a regulatory expert (12 hours).
  • Ongoing education, news, and analysis across the revenue cycle. Coverage includes outpatient billing regulatory updates, compliance best practices, sample tools, and case studies. Members also have access to tools, webinars, forms, and policies, as well as an open forum for networking and our Revenue Cycle Job Board.
  • Case Management and Utilization Review online training.
  • Revenue Integrity Essential Skills online training.
  • Membership discount to events.

Want year-round education for your entire revenue cycle workforce?

Ensure your entire revenue cycle workforce is well-versed in evolving requirements, committed to collaborating across functional and department lines, and equipped to ensure ongoing access to deserved reimbursement with PROPELRevenue Cycle Management.

This innovative, enterprise-style offering combines the benefits of PROPELCDIPROPELCoding, and PROPELMedicare with exclusive tools that promote consistent application of best practices and informed decision-making across teams and subject areas.

The PROPELAdvisory Services difference

Backed by over 30 years of experience in delivering best-in-class solutions, and driven by a team of dedicated professionals, our shared-cost memberships pair custom-curated resources with a community of recognized experts and like-minded peers to problem solve and put best practices into action. As part of the growing PROPELAdvisory Services family, each domain features premier resources, ongoing personalization, and engaged learning tailored to specific market and member needs. Members get industry-leading thinking and advice without having to worry about the meter running.

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